Automated Newsletter

   Set up an automated newsletter system for the Augusta Gem and Mineral Society.


The position of the newsletter editor had been vacant for more than a year so I volunteered to automate the position.Automated newsletter PDF page

I first had to get the information on what the newsletter had to have from the past editor. After that I then talked to the secretary to get information on what format was usable and requirements for ease of use.

Post by emailAfter the information was gathered I then started to look for a “blog” to PDF creator and found one called “Print Friendly and PDF” this plug is able to convert page or post text into PDF, Printable or Email objects.

All that was left was to somehow make a selector that was able to select what month of newsletter material that was wanted. This was the hardest part of the project. I talked to several professionals and they could not give me any advice. I also Goggled many topics relating to the feature. I finally figured out how to have this feature while I was at a web help session. I discovered that there was an “Archive” widget that you could set up to display posts by month. So I added it and the monthly newsletter “post” system now works.Newslewtter page