Build Home School Computer Network

  Build and maintain network for home school, entertainment and general use.

Box Computer Back

I build and manage the network and devices connected to it. It is used for school, entertainment and general use. If somebody needs a computer I take parts from old computers, reuse them and build a new computer (as seen in the images).

Box ComputerThe network started off as a single router and cable modem. As my needs grew I replaced the firmware of our router with DD-WRT. That served me very well and I enjoyed the sheer configurability of the router. Unfortunately, however, our router died and we needed to get a new one.

After replacing the router and configuring the new one, also with DD-WRT, it also began to fail. I determined that the environment in the attic, in which it was located, was not good for the apparatus. We decided to replace the standard consumer equipment with outdoor industrial system.

We purchased an industrial outdoor Access Point and I donated my wired router to be used as the “brain” of the network. Because I have streamlined my network operations to operate without the advanced configurability that accompanies DD-WRT we do not use DD-WRT currently.

Lastly, in order to optimize my network operations I ran an Ethernet cable down from the attic to the computer lab replacing an ad hoc wireless Ethernet bridge.Board Computer