Elliot Labs Server Migration #1

Migrated server functions to newer hardware.


Before Migration #1The server that I was using was starting to get aged compared to the tasks that I required it to do. So I upgraded the hardware and split up the processing job to two different servers. One server was dedicated to Minecraft and the other server was dedicated to HTTP and VOIP. Each server also had FTP and SSH functionality so I could transfer files and easily access the After Migration #1command line on the remote machines.

The Minecraft server had RAID 1 for redundancy but there was no redundancy for the web server because it was basically running on a net top.

Administration of the servers was completed through a web administration interface called WebMin. This allowed me to remove computer screens, keyboards and graphics cards from the server reducing the overhead. It also allowed me to manage the servers from a mobile device such as a tablet.

Having a more powerful Minecraft server I was able to switch the server software from the “vanilla” server software to Bukkit server software. This allowed me to mod the server to control griefing and run minigames.

Running the HTTP software on a dedicated server allowed me to debug my creations easier without taking down other services incase I needed to restart for whatever reason.