Elliot Labs Server Migration #2

Streamlined the server systems back into one unit that is much more powerful than all of the previous hardware combined.


Planning Phase:Cloud Server 2
I was not using the wall computer so I decided that I needed to do something with the hardware that was mounted on the lab’s wall. I realized that I could use it for a server and since I figured out how to make cheap and Before Diagrampowerful computers I¬†decided to rebuild it from scratch. I decided to keep the other servers running during the setup and testing phase in case I ran into a major road bump. Also, the server transition would be seamless.

Action Phase:
I ordered all of the necessary parts, PSU, Motherboard, RAM, etc… and installed them as they arrived. After the HDDs came in the mail I started to figure out partition layouts. I found out that Windows could not be installed on software RAID and hardware RAID was too risky because the motherboard would not rebuild the raid if it fails, so I dedicated one HDD to the OS and the rest are set up in a software RAID 5 configuration. All of the served data is stored on the RAID array while non essential data is stored on the OS disk. After the Operating System was setup and configured I then setup the server software: Apache, MySQL, Filezilla Server, TeamSpeak 3 and Minecraft (by popular request). After the server software was set up it was time to migrate (copy) the data from the old servers to the new server. That was completed by a lot of FTP and SQL work. After the server was completely migrated I switched the port forwarding IP addresses on the router to point to the new server. After I tested to ensure connectivity and function I shut down the old servers and securely erased the (old) disks. I refurbished the Minecraft Server as a Media server and upgraded the Video Card and HDDs. and am planning on recycling the old Web After DiagramServer.

Post Migration Phase:
As any bug comes up I will fix it but I have not encountered any so far! I am enjoying the vastly improved server capabilities. I am also planning on expanding the RAM so I can run a VM server.