Computer and technology services to a 80+ customer base. From refrigerators to computer networks, anything can be fixed or improved.

When I was 14 I had the opportunity to volunteer over the summer at Computer Logics, a local computer shop. Some of my experiences included customer service, computer cleaning (hardware), advanced hardware identification (through hardware IDs), system diagnostics, virus removal procedures, vacuum repair, general housekeeping and I even had the opportunity to share with my manager how to install drivers through Microsoft Update.User Icon

After leaving my volunteer position at Computer Logics, I continued to expand my knowledge about some of the tools that they taught me to use. I built a virtual computer and experimented on it using the utilities that were given to me.

I then began to start working on computers for family and friends. This started building confidence in others of my abilities. I also started to drum up business by visiting others at yard sales in our neighborhood, and inquiring about any old computers that they might be willing to part with. This often led to discussions concerning computers.

I currently work on a wide range of computers from personal to business, including both local and remote. I offer a wide variety of computer services from Virus removals and Circuit Board Soldering to Active Directory Domain Services and PXE servers.

Elliot Huffman

I am a self taught computer guru and am proficient in Windows, OS X and Linux. I am the owner and founder of Elliot Labs, a consulting and services company that focuses on Information Technology and Computer Science. It has been in operation since 2011-2012 and services a wide range of customers from residential to business. I am a Photographer, Videographer, Director, Digital Artist, YouTuber, Audio Engineer, Composer, Conductor, Violinist, Violist, Keyboardist, Interior Designer, Handyman, Computer Scientist, System Administrator, White-Hat Hacker, Scripter, Biker, Rollerblader, Dancer, Swimmer and Martial Artist (focusing on Bo Staff). My motto is "It depends on your point of view." Thank you for your interest in me!