ADDS server, a hacker space, allowed setup of an ADDS Server as a hackathon project for the club.


The project first started 6 months ago. although I only had 5 quarter days to work on it because there was a holiday (4th of july). I first started with one of their console computers that needed an OS reload and made that computer the domain controller. I took an extra HDD that was laying around that happened to be the same storage capacity as the one already found in the computer and used itlogo-theclubhouse to make a RAID 1 array. After I finished setting that up I found that the particular computer refused to boot from RAID. I then donated to a working Motherboard, CPU and RAM modules that I was about to recycle. So I started to build a board computer (A caseless computer mounted on a sheet of material) for them as use as a domain controller. After the computer built (the HDDs came from the other computer) now is the time to put the operating system on and configure. I installed Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 x86 (only 2GB of RAM on the system) and updated it. I then started to get SAMBA up and running by installing some dependencies for ADDS (krb5, etc…) and then installed SAMBA. After samba was installed I configured it as an ADDS and upgraded the domain and forest level to Server 2008_R2. I then joined a console computer (public web browsing computer) to the domain and low and behold it worked! The most amazing thing to me is that you can make a domain controller that is the equivalent of Server 2008_R2 that runs on 32bit hardware. That is the coolest thing in my opinion. To sum things up: The project was successful and a computer was joined to prove it so.