Windows PE

Created multiple versions of a live CD for Windows which include: Virus Removal, File Recovery, File System Manipulation tools and more…


When I first saw a PE disk I was awed that you could almost entirely run the Windows environment from a CD without installing it to your hard drive. I began to immediately ask what it was named and learned that it was called Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment).

After I discovered what the name of the system was, I started looking for a way to create my own version. I started with Microsoft’s AIK (Automated Installation Kit) and experimented with that. I was able to install a portable version of Firefox into PE after I had installed the network drivers for the host computer.

Following FireFox I wanted a full desktop shell so I started looking for way to install Windows Explorer directly into the AIK PE. I had no luck but found BARTPE. I explored its capabilities but it did not have the features that I required, so I kept searching.

It was at this time that I discovered the WinBuilder project. After testing Winbuilder, I decided that it suited the project and have since made it my current PE creation tool.

The following are the three versions of PE that I build: Low RAM, for computers that have < 2GB of RAM, High RAM, designed for computers with 2-4GB RAM and Excessive RAM, which is for computers with 5+GB of RAM. Because PE runs from a RAM drive, each PE is built depending on how much RAM is required.

The Low RAM PE has a reduced System32 folder and only essential programs are added. In the High RAM PE, a full copy of the System32 folder is performed and all programs are added but are not stored in RAM upon the loading of the system; the programs are stored in a folder on the boot media outside of the WIM file. With the Excessive RAM version, everything that can be copied is copied and is stored in the RAM drive; all the files are stored in the WIM file for easier access by the system since RAM is not an issue.

Elliot Huffman

I am a self taught computer guru and am proficient in Windows, OS X and Linux. I am the owner and founder of Elliot Labs, a consulting and services company that focuses on Information Technology and Computer Science. It has been in operation since 2011-2012 and services a wide range of customers from residential to business. I am a Photographer, Videographer, Director, Digital Artist, YouTuber, Audio Engineer, Composer, Conductor, Violinist, Violist, Keyboardist, Interior Designer, Handyman, Computer Scientist, System Administrator, White-Hat Hacker, Scripter, Biker, Rollerblader, Dancer, Swimmer and Martial Artist (focusing on Bo Staff). My motto is "It depends on your point of view." Thank you for your interest in me!